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Start Birdwatching in the Community

If you’re thinking of finding a new home, you might find that living in a managed community offers a lot of upsides you hadn’t thought about before. Something which you might be surprised to learn about managed communities is the fact that they’re set in custom-designed parkland, meaning that your home is close to a lot of conveniences, but also set in nature too – and that gives you the perfect opportunity to spend more time in the beautiful outdoors. For some people that means running or cycling – and your managed community’s pathways are perfect for that – but more and more people are embracing a hobby that’s as old as the American landscape: birdwatching.
If your home has green space nearby, you can take up this hobby too. Here are a few ways to enjoy a managed community’s parkland through birdwatching.

Be Prepared

At first, it can seem tough to start birding – birds are small, and easily hide in branches. Even songs can be hard to identify when you first start. But because birding is one of the oldest ways of appreciating the beauty and grandeur of America’s wide horizons, there is plenty of information available to you as you start out in your managed community’s parkland.
Each part of your home state will have different birds – some microclimates where some birds find it easier to nest than others – and you’ll be able to hear and see different birds at different times of day. You can get in touch with your local branch of the American Birding Association to find out what birds to look for, and get guides which are perfect for the place where your managed community sits in the land; that way, you can make a plan for what to look for before you go out looking, and be ready for what you see and hear.

Your First Time Birdwatching

Depending on the birds which can be found in your managed community – and when you’re planning on setting out to find them – you may decide that you want to look early in the morning, or later in the day. You might find it harder to see birds in the middle of the day, when birds which fly between you and the sun can be easy to lose track of. Always remember never to look directly at the sun, especially if you’re using binoculars!
Remember that, even if you can’t see a bird first time, you can identify them by their calls. Apps can help you to carry a whole library of bird calls with you, so that you can seek out the call you’ve just heard. 

Enjoy Your Managed Community’s Parkland

Whether you identify a lot of birds first time out, birdwatching is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the parkland which has been professionally-landscaped and laid out as part of the preparation of your new home. It can be very helpful to think of birdwatching as a meditative activity, one which helps you to breathe more slowly, and improve your mental health, as well as one which is focused on always finding a specific bird. For your first few trips out to birdwatch in your managed community, do a little research on what you might see, and then go and enjoy the land. 
If living in a beautiful environment which has been designed with care sounds like it’s for you, we’d love to talk to you about what kind of managed community home is right for you. Get in touch!