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Running to Work Out While Social Distancing

Running is a great form of exercise for many people, and around the world people have been discovering the benefits of running together in groups. Sharing the experience with others who want to work out and get fit, in a non-threatening and supportive atmosphere, has become the basis of many different grass-roots fitness movements, such as ParkRun.
A managed community is a perfect place to do this. Many managed communities come with a dedicated running path, laid out tastefully through specially-designed parkland. Coupled with the sense of neighborliness which a managed community encourages, it’s the perfect combination. And while the current pandemic means that we all need to follow public health expert advice on staying a healthy distance apart, that’s no reason not to try and connect with your neighbors by organizing a safe, socially-distanced running group using your managed community’s running path. Here are a few tips for getting started.


A managed community is a great place for neighbors

One of the major benefits of running together is that you can create a supportive space for everyone to run at their own pace. While you might be looking for a high-end workout right at the beginning, you’ll find that you can get more people to join if you make it clear that the group will run together, at a slower pace, with people who want to run more carrying on after the main route has been completed. By focusing on community first, you’ll create an environment where people feel safe to come and be part of what you’re doing, and improve together.

Staying distanced, staying safe

Of course, safety is very important, even during normal times. When planning any kind of workout it’s important to be clear that you’re holding an informal, supportive gathering, and that everyone is responsible for confirming their workout plans, and their needs, with their doctor before running. In addition though, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone knows that you will need to follow the rules in your state or city about social distancing. In some places, guidelines say that masks should be worn, and people stay at least 6 feet apart. In others, public gatherings aren’t yet permitted. Make sure you publicly post what the rules are going to be – it can feel like a drag but it will help you to make sure that everyone takes responsibility for staying safe.

Set a time, and bring a friend 

It’s easier to join in with a small group that’s already happening, so for the first few meetings, post a time in your neighbourhood chat groups or on your managed community’s noticeboard, and make sure you’re there with a friend at least 15 minutes early. If you know a qualified physical therapist, you could ask them to come and help people to go through some simple stretches before you start running, so that everyone is able to prepare properly and stay safe. And being there early with a friend will make it easier for people to approach you, and to feel comfortable starting out if they’re feeling unsure.
If you’d like to talk to us about more of the ways that a managed community can be a great place to connect with people, and to stay fit (with amenities including gyms and pools as well as running paths), we’d love to talk to you more. Get in touch!