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Moving Home This Summer? Here's How to Find a New Home Remotely

Sometimes events just don’t help with your plans – and if you need to move house this summer, you might decide that you need to view homes remotely. It can be tough to get excited about a move if rules in your state mean that it’s hard for you to travel to see a potential new home in person. However, a good realtor can help you to view a home remotely in a way which gives you everything you need to know, and make a great decision even in difficult times. Here are a few tips for viewing a home remotely.

1.     Contact a realtor you can trust

First of all, you need to find a realtor you can trust. Look at their ratings, and find testimonials for anyone you’re considering working with – but beyond that, reach out directly and explain what you need, and ask them if they’re willing to help you with photos and video calls to help you see a place.
Schedule a time that works for you both to have a video call to get to know each other, then again to look around the property you’re thinking of moving to. Make a plan before the call so you can be sure to see everything you want to see – and you can discuss it with your realtor in real-time, as you tour the house and go through your options.


2. Be clear about what kind of home you want

It’s always a good idea to let your realtor know exactly what you’re looking for. Are you single, in a couple, or a household with children? Do you have pets? What do you need to have close at hand?
Many managed communities provide amenities such as gyms, pools, play parks, and business centers right in the community – but if you want to be sure you’re looking for a place near a church or school you’d like, or within commutable distance of your place of work, your realtor can help you to get a sense of what it’s actually like, with videos, or photos, to add to any online research you do with Google StreetView or Images.

3. Think about style needs


If you’ve got a particular look you want to have in your new home, make sure that you tell your realtor, so they can set up remote viewings for you at houses that meet your needs. If you want to have a dedicated media room, or a home office, or a place where you can drink coffee in the morning sunlight, tell them. And if you have style needs – if you want to have a south-facing window for plants, or a large wall you can use to display a piece of art, or you want an open-plan living area or a picture window – they can help you to pre-select places which will meet your needs. Use Pinterest to share style notes and mood boards that capture the feel you’re looking for, and that will help your realtor to narrow down your options to something that’s perfect for you.